Working with us

The perfect harvest.
We nurture every relationship we have, with our brokers to meet their needs and with our capacity partners to reward their commitment to us

When you work with us you can be certain.

Certain that you are the heart of our business. Certain that you’re dealing with agricultural experts. Certain that we keep our promises. Certain that our products our market-defining and all “A” rated. And certain that we value the trust you place in us above all else.

With a team that’s made up of industry experts, from both underwriting and broking backgrounds, we understand all perspectives. And we use these to build our services and products. All wrapped up in a service promise to respond to you within 24 hours of your enquiry.

It's family business

Every broker who trades with us, is welcomed into the iFarm family. Since the business was founded, we have cultivated close working relationships with all of our supporting brokers. We have never set out to work with everyone and neither will we. We are focused on protecting the interests of those who have the same desire to see us succeed as we do them.

Our Service Promise

We have an unwavering belief that our service is unrivalled.

  • Knowledgeable Underwriters

    Every risk that is referred to our team, is directed to someone with the experience and authority to make quick decisions

  • Selective Trading

    We don't trade with everyone, in fact we are pretty choosy about who we partner with, protecting your interests in the longer term

  • Innovation

    We always look for ways to deliver product to you online, but will never remove the valuable support of our people

  • Product Development

    Since we launched in 2015, we continually listen to your feedback, developing new products to meet the needs of your clients

  • 24hr quote turnaround

    Unlike many of our peers, we have the agility to respond quickly to every enquiry and promise a response within 24hrs

  • In-house Surveying

    All of our surveys are conducted by a dedicated, experienced rural consultant employed within the group

Simply fill in the short form available from the block below titled 'Become an iFarm Broker' and one of our team will be in touch to discuss this with you

If you already have a TOBA with us, just e-mail and we will respond with access details

Whilst our online, quote and bind system has been developed to make placement easy for you, we are happy to provide offline quotes for more complex risks

As part of Aventum Group, our colleagues have relationships all over the London Market and can assist with non agricultural risks

Every iFarm product is backed by A-Rated capacity

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Broker Testimonials

“The iFarm quote engine has really changed the way we do farm insurance, from having to wait days for insurance quotes, we can now turnaround full farm combined and motor fleet quotes within a few minutes. I really believe we have won business solely for this reason. The system generates quotes quickly, and importantly is very competitive. For those risks that aren’t quite so straightforward, Kelly is always at the end of the phone. I would recommend iFarm to any broker.”

Ryan Roberts, Director, Raw Insurance

Broker Testimonials

“Over the years I have watched with interest the development of iFarm and we as a company have been a strong supporter. The online platform was market leading and been an excellent assistance to our business and the development of the account.”

Debbie Airey, Managing Director, Country & Commercial Insurance Brokers:

Broker Testimonials

“One of the few insurers who have shown a flexible attitude during Covid-19.”

Philip Pagin, Managing Director, H&H Insurance Brokers