And our survey says…

One of the benefits of working with us is access to our group risk surveying business - Securus Risk Advisors

Both iFarm and Securus are part of Aventum, a global (re)insurance Group controlling around $1.1bn GWP.

We enjoy direct lines of communication with Securus, and especially Bridget Slade, our specialist in agricultural surveying.

Now you may think that risk surveying is generally done for the benefit of the underwriting agency or capacity provider, so they can properly evaluate the nature of the risk they’re taking on.

However, by working with iFarm and having Bridget carry out the risk survey, there is so much your client can also benefit from.

For starters, Bridget grew up on a farm, and still lives on a farm to this day, meaning that she can rely on personal experience and her own farming know-how to evaluate where risk can be mitigated. Ordinary non-specialised surveyors simply lack this know-how, and are more prone to mistaking the real risk exposure.

As a qualified chartered surveyor, Bridget takes a keen interest in buildings and what they are made of. Unlike many in the industry, after the survey she can use this expertise to let you, the broker, know if the client is underinsured.

Perhaps most valuable to you is the added services that Securus can provide. Rather than going to a number of different surveyors, you can contract Securus, and instruct 'Value at Risk' valuations, rural consultancy and management advice, receive recommended written occupational contracts/tenancy agreements that are legally binding – contracts which have historically been overlooked in the agricultural sector.

And you can trust that as a fellow Aventum Group company, the culture of personal service and accessibility that runs through iFarm will also run through Securus. When walking around the site with the client, Bridget will mention any areas of concern there and then, and have a collaborative conversation about what can be done to mitigate risk exposure.

Like us, Securus supports you and your client from cradle to grave, and should a loss be incurred, Bridget will revisit the site for a post-peril survey to inspect what happened, and advise the client on what they could do differently next time to avoid the peril in future.

By working together with the wider Aventum Group and Securus, we have brought into the Group exactly the right talent and expertise that our brokers require to offer your clients the best service when it comes to improving risk mitigation practices.

Alun Roberts - Managing Director

This is another way in which we are allowing our brokers to offer the best proposition possible to retain clients and win new business.